Megan and Megara

Megan and Megara.


Megan and Megara

Today I uploaded onto Amazon the first of many stories, Megan and Megara. All of my stories and novels are about life lessons in general. This one represents an important facet of the kind of thing I write: the search for a fulfilling love partnership. Megan and Megara are a pair of star-crossed lovers. Megara, the son of the Sun, is warm and vibrant during the daytime, when the sun shines brightly in the heavens; Megan is cold, and only ventures out when the moon begins to shine, being lit up by the sun from afar. Whereas Megara should be illuminating Megan with his gentle, enabling light, he allows her to dominate him in very negative ways from the beginning of the relationship so that it becomes what we moderns would term “dysfunctional.” In other words, he applies only the warmth of the sun, without moral strength, so that he becomes a victim in the relationship. Instead of developing the motherly qualities of her lunar nature, Megan exhibits the harsher traits of the huntress. As the Moon points out to her daughter, she has remained a child in a woman’s body.

The theme of marriage runs throughout much of my work because it is so central to the successful survival of our species. It seems to me to be such a difficult thing to negotiate. So many of us marry unhappily, and yet, some marriages are wonderful. I will be publishing a book I finished about two years ago, Indian Summer, where the problem is how to choose the best mate and what seems to make the best kind of marriage.

I’d love to hear your ideas about what makes a good marriage and why so many people fail so miserably at a state toward which most of us look forward as young adults.